Choose a time when you will have complete privacy with your parents, as well as their attention.  Tell them that you have a serious matter and ask then if they will not interrupt you until you have finished.

From the first word you utter, be completely honest with your parents.  Tell them exactly what your problem is and ask them for their help.  Your parents love you and after the initial shock and hurt, they will want to be there to support you through this difficult time.

Start the conversation with the maturity that you will need from now on.  You are in a tough situation and facing it in a grown up way will make the road a little less rocky.  Avoid arguing if you can; remember that you will have to expect some anger from your parents, but at this time in your life, they are likely the best friends you could have.

After the shock waves have faded, talk with your parents about how you will handle this situation.  If you have decided to keep your baby and your parents agree to continue to let you live at home, what new rules will be involved?  What can you rely on them for and what do you need to provide?

It must be understood that if a young woman decides to live with her parents and keep her baby, it is very important that all parties involved, including grandparents, know that the responsibility and care for that child lives with the mother.  Things could end up very messy later on if a line is not drawn.

If adoption is something you are considering, ask your parents for their full support in this decision.  After thinking the situation through, they will most likely be very supportive in whatever decision you have made.

Remember, your parents will likely be pretty upset by this news.  All parents want their children to be successful and happy. and having a child at a young age can make achieving your dreams more difficult.  This will be at the root of their anger, but hang in there because that same love that is spurring that anger will win out and they will very likely want to stand by you through this difficult time.

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